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Return of the Patmos

The Blue Star Patmos has emerged from the repair docks, carried out a sea trial yesterday, and is expected to return to service this afternoon at 16:00, and pass through Symi tomorrow morning. She’s then expected to operate the Piraeus-Symi-Rhodes service until at least the end of October, as the annual overhaul has sensibly been carried out at the same time as the accident damage repairs. This means meal service is back, which will delight Symi residents who are unhappy with having just hamburgers, cheese pies, and doughnuts to eat on the 14-16 hour journeys between Symi and Piraeus and back. Meals are also served (both self service and waiter service) between Rhodes and Symi or vice versa! The number of cabins available for the long overnight crossings will also increase significantly.

In other shipping news, Panagia Skiadeni and Dodekanisos Pride are in dock at Piraeus for annual overhaul, the Ostria (former Symi I) has gone from its usual home in Crete to Kalymnos for annual overhaul, and the entire Greek shipping industry is pushing ships through overhaul as fast as the yards can take them, as in just two months time the first major traffic peak of the year, Greek Easter, will be upon them.