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Soon be Easter

Despite a fair amount of bad-weather disruption even in the Dodecanese, preparations are well under way for the new season.

Dodekanisos Pride has returned from annual overhaul in Piraeus, and has taken over the winter ferry timetable from sister Dodekanisos Express. Shortly the Express will head north for her own overhaul, but just for today both ferries are in service, with the Pride doing the usual Tuesday and Thursday run from Rhodes to Halki, Tilos, Nissyros, Kos and Kalymnos, while the Express does a short Rhodes-Symi-Rhodes trip in connection with the celebration of the incorporation of the Dodecanese into the Greek state on March 7 1947. The Pride will make an extra trip on Wednesday through Symi right up to Agathonisi, partly replacing the regular Monday one which was cancelled due to bad weather.

The Panagia Skiadeni is still in Piraeus for overhaul, the Symi is currently in drydock as part of her overhaul and will start service later this month, and the Blue Star Patmos has settled back in as Symi’s regular “big boat” on the Piraeus-Symi-Rhodes route for the summer (and probably next winter too).

Ever wondered what was underneath the Dodkanisos Pride – photo taken during overhaul, with one propeller removed for maintenance.