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Summer ferry schedules (and a bit of spring too)

Now that all three of the ferry operators who serve Symi have published timetables for summer 2018 it is possible to compile summary timetables for the April to October period. These will be useful in planning visits to Symi, but please bear in mind that Greek ferry timetables are very prone to change. I’d really like readers to understand that booking months in advance as a an ordinary passenger (not needing cabins for overnight journeys to/from Piraeus, or space for a vehicle) is a complete waste of money as crossings between Rhodes and Symi or Kos and Symi and return do not sell out much more than a week in advance, if then, even in high season.

Unless you are determined to make interest free loans to Greek ferry operators, wait until nearer the time, then see what services are on offer – ferry times may have changed, or indeed flight times may have changed meaning you need a different ferry crossing.  If you try to book on line on a Dodekanisos Seaways service via Panormitis Monastery, you’ll discover that tickets from Rhodes to Symi seem to be sold out. They almost certainly aren’t, in fact you need to book the Rhodes-Panormitis and Panormitis-Symi sections separately, they won’t charge for Panormitis-Symi.

So here are the combined timetables

April 2018

May 2018

June 2018 to September 3 2018

September 4 to 30 2018

October 2018

A few other items of ferry news: Sea Dreams are going to offer a Sunday service from Rhodes to Symi, returning via Panormitis, on 25 February, 3, 18 and 25 March.

When Dodekanisos Express goes into overhaul at the end of February, and Dodekanisos Pride takes over to run the winter timetable, the Express is scheduled to have all her engines replaced.

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